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Everyone Has Assignments

Everyone has work to do. May you realize and understand your purpose in life. You are not here to destroy your body or your life. You are a messenger who came fully equipped to do the work God created you to do. No one has the same assignment, so there is no need for anger, hatred, jealousy, and resentment.

You are here. What are you doing with what God gave you? No blaming. Understand & Live. Walk your path with confidence—God confidence.

Make this day and life great!


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Monday Inspiration

Good morning Spiritual Beings!

What are you thinking about this Monday morning? Are you thinking about your health? Will you make time to eat nutritious meals today?

I am so excited about what I am working on. I started my book this past Thursday “Breaking the Cycle of the American Diet: What you do not know can hurt you.” I look forward to sharing more with you over the next several months.

When you ask, you open the door to the answer and possibilities. This is your #body and vehicle for your #message.

Your Health is essential to your missions and purpose in life. Do you agree?

To Your Best Health & Life!

Timika Chambers, Health Coach

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“Breaking the Cycle of the American Diet: What you do not know can hurt you”

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Grit anyone?

We all have moments of doubt. We can use the doubt to challenge ourselves to overcome our fears and insecurities. Just hold on..doubt has meaning and purpose. The more action we take, the more we how strong we truly are. When we are against the wall, creativity can creep in and give you more insight and the determination to step right through the doubt to the other side….Let’s press on. 
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To better health!


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Mope: when to stop?

<a href="">Mope</a>

Enjoy the little things in life, for one day you may look back and realize they were the big things.

~Robert Breault

When is it time to mope?

There are times when I do want to mope…when my thinking is not clear, or when things do not quite go the way I want.  However, when I look back on the times that I have moped, I feel like that my time could have been spent more productively.  There are no regrets, though.  We are here to evolve.  There are alternatives to moping such as:

  1. Making time for yourself. Do what you need to do to have some peace and quiet.
  2. Self-reflection- Why are you moping? What are you sad about?  What can you learn from the situation?  What would you do differently?
  3. See the positive side of things. I soon realize that things could have been worse.  What are you grateful for?  One thing I am usually grateful for is the fact that I am still alive.
  4. Learn from the situation. Make a mental note of what to do next time.

Every step of our journey counts.  We never know when our time on earth will come to an end.  So, I am learning more each day to spend my time wisely and to live my life the best way I know how.


All life is an experiment. The more experiments you make the better. ~Ralph Waldo Emerson

Heal within,






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Flee: Your sanity, your life.



From individuals who consistently shoot down your dreams and call you “crazy.” Just because they do not believe in the possibilities does not mean that you should too. It may be time to look for better company.

From those who belittle you so that they appear bigger than what they are. Soon, they will find out that their height is an illusion. If they can’t see and appreciate your true beauty and your uniqueness, then you may want to look for better company.

From individuals who abuse you…emotionally, mentally, physically, and in any other way.  If they can’t see the power of your name, that you deserve life and respect you, because you are here, then you may want to look for better company.

From living an ordinary life and trying to fit in the crowd. You were made to be different. Even identical twins are different. If others want you to smile, talk, wear the same clothes, eat like them, breathe like them, agree with everything that they say, then you may want to look for better company.

You always have a choice. Thinking that you do not have a choice is a choice. If you think you do not have a choice, then you have chosen to limit your thoughts.

Heal within and be true to you!

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Protest by:

1.Consistently treating others with respect and decency regardless of how they treat you.

2.Fearlessly asking for what you want when the odds appear to be against you.

3. Politely making time for yourself when everyone is asking for you to do something for them.

4. Courageously letting go of relationships that leave you feeling empty and in despair.

5. Undeniably holding your head up and meeting the world head on because you were not a mistake.  You were perfectly made, and you have missions to complete. Leave your mark in the world. 



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Freedom from Apology

Freedom from Apology


I am going to be the best,

That I can be,

With or without an apology.


I am worthy and deserve respect,

There is no one who can deny that fact.

Who I am and who I become is my responsibility,

I am the Captain in the driver’s seat.


I release my anger, fear, and guilt,

Resentment, shame, and tension.

After all that I have been through,

They deserve to be mentioned.


Yet, I cannot sit here and deny,

All the pain I had inside.

Today, I choose to let go of the pain,

Mentally and spiritually drained,

I allowed the pain to weigh me down,

I gave you my power and was left with a frown.


I was blinded by the anger and bitterness,

I could not see the purpose in all of it

It was more than just an apology to me.

See, I wanted you to know that you hurt me.


I, now, know I have a divine right

To enjoy my life with all my might.


So, I forgive all the perceived wrongs

Done to me,

I must let them go and set myself free,

Because I am going to be,

The best that I can be,

With or without your apology.