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Getting ready for Spring & Summer Healthy Food

A few years ago, our now eight-year-old son, Cam said that he wanted to be a chef after watching a video of a kid #chef. He had a short stent of fascination with cars and trucks, but never lost the urge to buy toy food. Since we have been in Tillamook, Cam’s library picks usually involve #cookbooks. Yesterday, on the Tillamook County Library bookmobile, Cayla grabbed the cookie cookbook. No surprise to me; she absolutely loves sweets.

I have reasons to make healthy sweets. Although, these books are older, usually, we can kind some satisfying and simple recipes. Being in the health care industry for over 21 years, I feel a consistent and growing responsibility to prepare healthy meals and snacks for my family. Our children take our lead in whatever we do and not just what we say.

How are you preparing for spring and summer meals to help avoid or limit temptation to splurge on unhealthy foods?

Make this life great!


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Prepare for Spring Cleaning Inside & Out

Good morning Spiritual Beings!

You are the one who deals with things that you let into your body, mind, and spirit. Some people are quick to tell you what you should and should not do. Some people think that it is okay to share inappropriate pictures and make unwelcome comments. We have a right to say “No. You can keep that. That’s your mess!” If something or someone does not resonate with you, stand up for yourself.

Your Health & Life depend on you, not your acquaintance, celebrity, friend, or neighbor.

You are the one who deals with the consequences of your choices.

Listen to the wisdom within.


Make this Life Great!

Timika Chambers

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Sometimes, we may think our parents are being mean when they tell us the truth. Our mom, a single mom, knew the extent of her teaching. She did not force her life’s principles on us; she left it to us, many times, to choose the best route or solution for an issue.

I inform our children that I cannot make all of your life choices. “I can help you build your foundation and give you the resources and some tools to help you along the way.”

I let our children know that I am here for them, and I do not mind sharing my knowledge and wisdom. For the age appropriate situations, though, I encourage our children to weight their options, assess advantages and disadvantages, and be decisive.

We must help our children to assess the reasons behind their choices. By helping our children to understand their core and their state of emotions and feelings, we can help empower them to be their best. I did not write to push them….but to help them from the inside out.

If we do not help our children to see the power in choices and the possible consequences, who will?

How are you helping your children learn the power of choices?

Make this life great!


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What will “hatred” solve?

Be careful about who you “hate.” Are they worth your energy and time?

Could your emotions be holding you back from your greatness?

To Your Best Health & Life!


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When you know you are doing what you must do…

Are you doubting yourself? Procrastinating? Listening to others?

As my mom would say “Keep on trucking?”

To Your Best Health & Life!


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