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Getting ready for Spring & Summer Healthy Food

A few years ago, our now eight-year-old son, Cam said that he wanted to be a chef after watching a video of a kid #chef. He had a short stent of fascination with cars and trucks, but never lost the urge to buy toy food. Since we have been in Tillamook, Cam’s library picks usually involve #cookbooks. Yesterday, on the Tillamook County Library bookmobile, Cayla grabbed the cookie cookbook. No surprise to me; she absolutely loves sweets.

I have reasons to make healthy sweets. Although, these books are older, usually, we can kind some satisfying and simple recipes. Being in the health care industry for over 21 years, I feel a consistent and growing responsibility to prepare healthy meals and snacks for my family. Our children take our lead in whatever we do and not just what we say.

How are you preparing for spring and summer meals to help avoid or limit temptation to splurge on unhealthy foods?

Make this life great!


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Is Parenting a Calling?

If I do not address disrespectful behaviors while our children are young, then I enable them to disrespect myself and others. The moment we let down our guard is the moment our child will think it is okay. I have learned to not assume that behavior will end in one day. I must be consistent in my actions and words to show them actions that edifies and destroys.

Parenting is a calling, and daily, we need to be there for our children. Corrupt behaviors do not start in adulthood. Often, we deal with adult behaviors that started in childhood. No parent is exempt, and every parent has tests. These tests are to make us a better person, and therefore, a better parent. We must have and show:

compassion (children need direction and purpose grounded in principles that help instead of hurting others)

humility (every one has tests to meet and hopefully transcend)

love (discipline according to our heart and not out of unhealed emotions)

patience (parenting is a lifelong endeavor)

understanding (we are all on a journey and experience life lessons).

Of course, there are more virtues that empower and strengthen us to meet and transcend our experiences.

Make this Life great and your Legacy, too! The generations to come depend on you.



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