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Single moms: Quality trumps Quantity

Some may say you are not enough.

Some may blame you for not holding your marriage together.

Some may believe that your home is unstable.

Some may think that you are not doing enough.

Some may make sarcastic remarks.

Some may want you to beg them for help.

Some do not realize that there is a God who knows all and sees all. You are not alone. Even if you are a single mom or parent, “all things are possible.” Pass on the legacy that fuels your child’s core (courage, determination, faith, and perseverance).

Motherhood is your calling right now. Find your direction & strength in the Creator.

Make this life great!


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Lesson 5 : Live another day

We all have our own journey and life issues to learn and grow from. Mother believed that no matter what happened that day or in your past, you should “just live another day.” Another day gives us an opportunity to be creative, to try something different, to say yes to life and learn from our life lessons.

Mother never belittled an event or made the event seemed insignificant. She did not want us to get caught up in life events. Our journey is and will be a process. So, when I did not do well on a test, I learned to not beat myself up and develop a strategy to get better grades. When I had my first break up with a boy, I learned that break ups are bound to happen and be open to other relationships.

I learned that it was okay to laugh at myself, and that life events do not take away from who I am. My self-worth and self-concept are what I make them.

As long as you are living, you have the ability and opportunity to change your thoughts and change your life.

So, whatever it is that you have been through (divorce, separation, loss of money, bullying, loss of job, failed test, failed a course, 5 years in high school/college, totaled a car, loss of baby/child, the list goes on), give life a chance, give yourself a chance and live another day. You never know what tomorrow may bring.