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You Are Still Here

Concern yourself less with what others are doing and be curious about yourself and the greatness within you.

There are no mistakes…only possibilities….Who are you and What are you here to do?
Make this lifetime great! You are still here!
Timika Chambers
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Success Is Within You:

Do you feel empowered? Self-empowerment comes from realizing who we are in Christ. God made us, and He does not make weak people. Win the battle in her head to win the battle in your body. Let the ineffective and stagnant labels that we take ownership of go. No one can affect you unless you have first infected yourself with fears and the self-doubt to achieve what you know you can achieve. The work does not come out unless you give it freedom to.

Release Yourself from the constraints you have put on your life. Only you can break the chains.

Make the most of your time on earth being who God created you to be. No blaming. No gaming. Just a determination to be your best.