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I have had better days.  I did not feel well yesterday. I checked my blood pressure, and it was higher than normal.  I have noticed that there seems to be a poopy day right before a breakthrough day.  I can blame how I felt on hormones, low vitamin D, and others.  Or, I can face the truth of what I am feeling and know that my emotions and feelings are leading me to my highest self.  Without all of the busy work now, I have time to weed out things that are not working, be consistent in my thoughts and behaviors, and focus on my work as a mother, wife, and spiritual being.



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Your energy level?

We are energy, and what we do with our energy matters. Just like a tank of gas, we have a certain amount of fuel to use each day.


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To Your Best Health & Life!



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Hyperbole: Guilty!


It is interesting that hyperbole is the daily word for today. I have been questioning the worth of hyperboles. Are they necessary? If so, then why?

This past Thursday, I was just sharing with a student how sleep deprived I felt that I was. I admitted that the last time I had some good sleep was before my son was born. As I was sharing that I, too, suffered from a lack of sleep, I questioned why am I agreeing with the need to just sleep my life away? Why am I using the phrase “I could sleep for a long time” when it is not true? Even when I worked nights, years ago, as a staff nurse at a local hospital, I could only sleep for 1-2 hours when I got home. Yes, I was tired, but I did not want to go to sleep during the day. That’s what nights were for. As you probably figured out, I did not work nights for long. There is a time for everything, and my body works well with its “master clock.”

If given the chance today, would I want to sleep my life away? The answer was and still is no, of course. I have so many things I still want to do, and I keep adding activities/events to my bucket list. Honestly, I have been trying to be more mindful of my thoughts and what I say. If I do not mean something, then why say it? It is a waste of energy and a waste of words, yet, I am sure I have used the phrase many times before, especially between the years of 2011-now.

Why do we feel the need to add excessive value to how we feel? With my statement of being tired, acknowledging that I was tired is one thing and to exaggerate is another. Let’s take another hyperbole. “I am so hungry, I can eat a horse.” Can I really? So, why exaggerate? Am I asking for the other person’s permission to go to sleep or to eat? What is my intention for using a hyperbole? To illicit compassion? Money? Food? love? Is it necessary to have others to empathize with me to take me seriously, or did I need the student to feel like she is not alone?

Sometimes when we are going through an ordeal, we think that we are the only one going through something. I usually tell my students they are not alone and can usually share a life changing story without getting to personal. I have to remember that even being quiet and just listening may be what the other person needs at that time especially instead of saying something I know is not true. Does the other person need to know how hungry I am or how sleepy I am? Not necessarily. Constantly feeling the need that one should quantify or quality statements for others to relate does not sound like a healthy habit. I need to change my ways.

I have been aware of another phrase for a very long time and this phrase is “say what you mean and mean what you say.” So, as we constantly evolve, we find out that some of the things we do, the words we say may conflict with something else we believe it or want to believe in. I need to be more true to the phrase “say what you mean and mean what you say” and stop saying things that are not true.

The more one says something, the more one tends to believe it. There is a known link between our beliefs and our actions (self-fulfilling prophecy). Again, as in the example above, I do not need to believe I am so tired. If anything, I need to believe that I am energetic and high on life.

I am guilty of using some hyperboles, and I confess. I need to stop using hyperboles, and just say what I mean, and mean what I say.

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Volunteer: Only what is necessary


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My mother was big on educating us about certain values and principles.  She still says today that “everybody does not need to know everything about you. You don’t have to volunteer information that you don’t want to.” Sometimes when we  welcome new people into our lives, we may feel like they need to know everything about us on the first day or within the first week -where we work, how old we are, the color of your bedroom walls, and what you ate last night, and the list goes on.   It is important to keep a little mystery (within reason) about yourself and not feel like you have to tell everything to get others to like you  It only takes one time to share something with someone you wished you had not of.  Relationships blossom and will continue to grow when  a person likes you for who you are and built on  trust, honesty,  and patience, and not just what they can get out of you or what they know about your personal life.  Some ground rules for me are:

  1. Decide what it is that you are comfortable with sharing about yourself.
  2. Know the intentions for your relationship with the other person.—is it a one time encounter at an event, or someone you would love to get to know better.
  3. Use a little discernment on who you give information to and what information you give them.
  4. Trust yourself to know when it is time to share information.

Please share your comments.


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Homeschool versus Public or Private school?

The thought has  been popping up every now and then and, of course, more recently now that our oldest will be 5 this month, September, 22. I have been trying to introduce our son and daughter to the fundamentals (alphabets, reading, math -our son loves subtraction, art, science, and history. I want our children to be well-educated about different races/cultures.  My background is nursing; and  I love learning and educating, empowering, and inspiring others.  I remember teaching my stuffed animals when I was a young girl living in Eagle Park, Illinois.  On one occasion, I read and educated them on Bible scriptures.  in every role I have ever had, I understood the power of accurate and timely education as well as holistic care.  I am grateful for the education I had at Venice Elementary and Venice High School, a public school  I know that many schools stick to a rigorous schedule and provide education that is mostly from recommended textbooks.    Until my 20’s, I did not realize how much history I was not aware of  and had not  been taught-Hispanic, African American,etc. I do not blame it on the education I received as a young girl/teenager, nor do I blame the lack of knowledge on my parents.  My eyes are a bit open, of course, to our nation’s history and the contributions many have made from a variety of different cultures/races/religions.   I do  believe that children can learn in many different settings, and that the setting does not necessarily need to be in a school sitting at a desk.  There is so much to learn outside a building and so many opportunities for creative learning.

I am in awe every time I look at my children as I try to hold on to those infancy and toddler years.  Not only do I have thousands of pictures on CD, in print, and stored in my camera, I also try to maintain this photographic memory (yes…I am quite a visual person). I am so thankful of the opportunity to have a boy and a girl. .I enjoy learning about human behavoior and the wonderful body that we have (brain, heart, spleen, kidneys, and how they function to keep us alive).   I am amazed and more in awe with the words they say and the things they do.  Maybe, a part of me want to homeschool  and be more creative wiith providing education to our children and watching our  children learn, adopt habits of their own, and grow.

My heart goes out to those who have lost their children due to evil acts.  I find it very hard to wrap my head around how some individuals can take the innocent lives of children. It is very sad to think about such acts (columbine shootings  and Sandy Hook elementary shooting.  Tears are dropping from my eyes as I think and write about such events.  I have discussed homeschooling with many parents who are homeschooling their children, and one common reason they are homeschooling is to help prevent bullying.  Bullying, online and in person, has wrecked many homes and taken many lives of individuals….another tear dropping subject.

I admit that I am fearful of my children going to school outside the home; however, I do not want fear to be what drives me in making choices for their education and well being.  I want our children to have a well-wounded education and to be able to interact with others in a respectful way.  I look at the flexibility and independence that home schooling offers, and  I know a few parents who are actually homeschooling and love it (even my fav Food Network Star Ree Drummond/The Pioneer Woman).  I can see myself homeshooling and if  we decide to send our children to public school, see myself picking up the children from school, too.  Needless to say I am a bit torn about the subject matter.  I like to make informed decisions as much as possible, and do not want to rush at making a very important  decision that will help set the pace for the rest of their lives.  .  .


Any input is well appreciated.


  1.  What schools are the best in any given state?  Which websites has the most up-to- date and accurate information about schools? Which schools will protect our  children from bullying?  Treat them equally and fairly?-We have done some research over the years and look at ratings. However, I do not think ratings give you a full picture of the school and their quality education?
  2. How to organize supplies?  I currently collect material -Deals, online homeschooling newsletters/facebook, subscribed to ABC mouse on both Galaxies for kids—I feel like I am not quite there and more time needs to be spent on reviewing uptodate information.  Where do you keep your supplies and are they organized for each day of the week?
  3. How to organize time for homeschooling and balance my time with other obligations/desires?   I think mornings may be better for the kids, but feel like I need to have “school time” more than once a day-maybe around 4-5pm after snack.  Any methods work best?


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“When you hold resentment toward another, you are bound to that person or condition by an emotional link that is stronger than steel.  Forgiveness is the only way to dissolve that link and get free.” -Catherine Ponder

When I ponder the first part of the quote above” you are bound to that person or condition by an emotional link that is stronger than steel” and individuals I perceived to have wronged me , there isn’t anyone I really want to be that close to for an extended period of time.  I must admit that I used to hold grudges for long periods of time, but the more I realized how I was hurting myself and blocking my gifts/blessings, the more I began to let go.  I began to see that holding grudges was a waste of time….a waste of my time.  My strongest desire is to be me…my highest self and explore who I am and how I fit into this world….I  want to continue to grow and unfold into who I am destined to be. Right now, unnecessary baggage can only get in the way, and I have enought to deal with in my life.

If you  think of an event or someone you perceived has wronged you often (mornings, evenings, when things go wrong), you have a problem.  If you say that you hate this person and what they stand for and find yourself repeating words in the same tone /manner and start acting like them or better yet, someone tells you , “hey, you just reminded me of……(that person you say you despise), then you have a really really BIG problem.  Your focus has become the other person and what they did or said to you….No one deserves that much of my time…Trust me….they are probably not thinking of you that often…

As you probably noticed, I used the words perceive or perceived
wrong doing.  It has always and will be always my decision and your decision on how we interpret what someone says  or does.  In any given situation,  I can choose to interpret that person or event as the world is conspiring against me or choose to listen to the message and not get so caught up in the messenger and how the message was presented.  I can choose to see the good in any situation and choose how I want to respond.  Even if I respond by saying something negative at first, I can reflect on my response, and learn from it.  I can then ask myself why did I respond that way and what could I have done differently? Even if that other person meant to hurt you….remember that “As for you, you meant evil against me, but God meant it for good in order to bring about this present result, to preserve many people alive.”  Gensis 50:20

After years of hearing and reading about the  the importance of forgiveness,  I am getting better at not holding grudges and understanding why forgiveness is for me and not the other person.  When you are constantly looking back and thinking about an event or thinking of someone who you perceived has done you wrong, you are wasting time if you are brewing in negativity, resentment, and revenge.   Looking back in the past at perceived negative events can cause you to miss blessings and your next steps in making your dreams and goals come true.  You are not fully present, and can literally trip over and miss your next big move.  Your brain is not focused on the now, and you are missing important keys to understanding yourself and living your best life.

Being a nurse and reflecting on our wonderful body and its response to stress and negativity, we are doing more harm to our body when we are holding on to grudges and resenting others.  Almost every known condition and rare condition there is, is somehow related to stress we put on our body…including emotional/mental stress.

I just finished reading Success through a Postive Mental Attitude by  Napoleon Hill . What a great book!  It was easy to read with great examples on how to apply the principles discussed in the book.  I came across lots of great quotes, and I absolutely love the quote “Direct your thoughts, control our emotions, and ordain our destiny.  My mother would always say what’s done is done. Move on.  If you do not move on with your life now, when will you move?  It’s a waste of energy and time to hold on to grudges and resent others. We all have our limited time here on earth.  What are you doing with that time….carrying someone else’s baggage, thinking about how you can get someone else back?

Let’s heal and life our best life!


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Let it go and grow.

let go

We all have things/events in our life that we look back on that we are not so proud of-whether they happened two years ago or two minutes ago.  Whether it is crashing your favorite bike, losing that “perfect job”, failing an exam, falling on center stage in the middle of a show, breaking up with a boyfriend,  you want to face your life and walk through the anger, frustration, blame, embarrassment, disappointment, and any other emotions/thoughts you have that do not serve you well.  Those emotions/feelings are there for a reason, and you are doing yourself a great service to not run away from them or hold on to them, but face them and let them go.  Understand why you feel anger or disappointment.  What are you supposed to learn about yourself, and what can you do not to go through that again? Is it part of the root of “not feeling good enough?” Emotions/ feelings we do not address have a way of creeping back in our life, and can cause you to overreact to other circumstances.  When you do not reflect on your life lessons and learn from them, you are likely to repeat them.  The question then becomes why do you want to learn your lesson again and again and again.

Let how you face disappointments, opposition, and other life events be your teacher.  Go inside instead of outside of yourself.  Going outside yourself could be things like bullying, getting into physical fights, emotional outbursts, overeating, and not doing those things to keep you healthy.  Please know that:

  1.  There are no coincidences.  Things happen for a reason.
  2. We are in control of how we respond.  You choose to be happy, sad, joyful, angry, etc.  No one can make you react.  It is always a choice.
  3. The past is the past.  Quit living in it.  What was said two years ago is on the same timeline as what was said two minutes ago….It is in the past!!
  4. Decide right now who you want to be.  Do you want to be someone who reacts to everything that you do not like?  You have the ability to change and can do so.  It is a choice just as you choose to be angry, bitter, or any other thought, behavior, feeling that does not serve you or others well.
  5.  You cannot make someone be who he or she is not.  If he or she is not ready to own up to the truth, then it may be time to let go and move on.
  6. You are not your past.  Do not let anyone tell you differently. If someone keeps reminding you who you used to be, what is in it for him or her ? Everyone has the ability to change.  To be better then he or she was before.  That is what personal development and growth is all about.
  7. It take time for some changes to occur.  Be patient with yourself.  Be your own life coach.  What you tell to others to help them, tell it to yourself.
  8. Find a mentor or coach.  There is someone who has been where you are and is willing to help you get you where you are going.  You are not alone.
  9. Always make time for yourself and do things that  you enjoy.  I believe that everyone has a gift.  Nurture your gift and be creative.  Expect great things.  Expect miraculous things.
  10. Know your limitations and have standards.  Be consistent in who you are.  Walk the talk.  If you are following the crowd blindly, then you may want to watch out for the cliff ahead….could be a steep one with many regrets.


Once you properly address/reflect/understand your emotions and feelings, you have increased your understanding of yourself, feel lighter, and can address who you truly are. There is so much to living than regrets, grudges, and blaming yourself and  others for what you go through.   See things as they truly are.   Let go and grow.

Be anxious for nothing, but in everything by prayer and supplication, with thanksgiving, let your requests be made known to God; and the peace of God, which surpasses all understanding, will guard your hearts and minds through Christ Jesus. Philippians 4:6-7