Abuse & Student Perspective

Around five years old, two family members violated our relationship with sexual abuse. After the secret was out, I chose to “align myself with nature” and seek a relationship with God.

A series of events took place. 1. I read the entire King James Bible. 2. I resonated with the portrayal of Jesus. 3. I learned the Lord’s prayer. 4. I spent time in our wide-porch enjoying nature. 5. I added characteristics that I wanted to embody by observing others, including movie and television characters. 6. I realized that life was about character building. 7. I adopted my mother’s life principles, bible verses, and my own. 8. I listened more to the Voice within.

At a young age, I believed that my life did not end with abuse. Although I have had my highs and lows, I took what I learned and applied the principles to my life. I cannot change the past, but I am in control of my future….definitely with the perspective, I chose to take.

I am not a victim. I am a student of life..

Make this lifetime great!


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