Communicate and breathe

We help our relationships when we share parts of ourselves. Knowledge will not travel by osmosis, and we must not expect people to know what we do not tell them. 

What can you share today that needs to be released and may release somebody? How can you share it in a loving way? In a way that builds instead of destroys? 

Here are some tips:

1. Look in the mirror first. Ask what you have contributed to the experience. This is a bold step and a necessary step for growth. 

2. Think about what you want to say…maybe even write it down.

3. Agree on a time to talk.

4. Listen to the words and be mindful of body motions. You can miss out on what you need to grow. 

5. Never force someone to continue to talk if they do not want to talk.

6. Start convo with “I” statements. I feel like this when this happens. Take responsibility for your emotions. You choose your thoughts and actions, not the other person. 

7. Be grateful for any steps made in a positive direction of growth.  We are not to be bitter as a result of our experiences. We are to grow and be better. 

Make today great! 

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