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Lesson 4: It is telephone and not television. Be bold…………………….

When I turned 16, I applied for a waitress position at one of my favorite restaurants. Interviews were completed on the spot. After a couple of days, my mother asked me if I had called the restaurant to inquire about the position, or if I had heard from them. I told her no to both questions, and she asked me why not? I admitted to being fearful of calling…more like fearful of rejection. “It is telephone and not television, my mother said. “They don’t know if you are scared or not. If you want the job, I suggest you call them. They cannot see you. If you do not get the position, someone else will.”

Thanks, mom!

Yes. I wanted the job. I loved their breakfast buffets and hot fudge desserts. I also wanted to try the waitress thing…something about serving others was a motivator for me….

So, I called the restaurant and asked to speak with the manager, and I was told that if I had transportation, I was hired. To spare you the specific details, I accepted the position. (I ended up speaking with the manager twice that day. I had to figure out the transportation issue, and no, I did not have a car, yet.

Over the years, the courage to be bold over the telephone transferred to in-person meetings, as well. I figure… “what the heck have I got to lose?”

My mother taught me to ask for what I wanted with confidence. Living your life is about knowing what you want. Later in life, the same scenario presented itself, and I was again, hired on the spot for my first Student Nurse position.

Another one of my mother’s favorite quotes is “If you do not know what you want, others will decide for you.”

What are others deciding for you?

1. Know what you want in life. What you are your dislikes and likes?
2. What’s your plan to make it happen? Who do you need to contact? Resources?
3. Jot your answers down for one and two.
4. Buy a calendar. Organize your work. Set goal dates.
5. Act. Compete with your highest self. Life waits on no one.



I am passionate about living a life that is aligned with God, the Divine Consciousness. I choose a to live a quality life with balanced and sustained health in all dimensions, and I am determined to do my part in helping generations now and to come. Our experiences are here to help us achieve our best self. Sustainable optimal health and living starts from the inside, and our behaviors can encourage, empower, and inspire others to do the same. Make this lifetime great! Timika

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