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Giant as it may seem……


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Many tasks may seem overwhelming at times. I find myself:

  1. Sitting down and making a list and/or visualizing what I need to do—How I am going to carry out the action? What are the best possible steps? What are my resources and how will I use them?
    2. Breaking the task into small parts.  This step lessons my anxiety about the task at hand.
    3. Making time on my calendar throughout the week for completing small parts of the project.  I have been getting up 1.5 hours earlier than my children for some quality me time and work on projects.  When students tell me that they do not have time, I ask are you willing to make time. The answer is usually, yes. I will then encourage students to stay up 1 hour later or get up one 1 earlier to complete parts of their task, and usually, they can.
    4. Evaluating progress as I go.  I keep a to-do list tablet for daily to-dos.  If I mark off things as I complete them, my confidence builds, and I can see the progress that I have made.

The more prepared I am, the less the task seems like a giant.



I am passionate about living a life that is aligned with God, the Divine Consciousness. I choose a to live a quality life with balanced and sustained health in all dimensions, and I am determined to do my part in helping generations now and to come. Our experiences are here to help us achieve our best self. Sustainable optimal health and living starts from the inside, and our behaviors can encourage, empower, and inspire others to do the same. Make this lifetime great! Timika

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