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Clumsy: I used to think I was clumsy


I used to think I was clumsy, and I often gave into the label. I would occasionally  bump into chairs, walls, drop certain things, place things on the edge of a counter and soon hear it drop.  I have intellectually known that I needed to take my time to complete activities, and for some reason I continued to rush and try to get things done while bumping into stuff, dropping things, and sometimes misplacing things. Now, to my knowledge, I am in good health.  I could blame the kids, lack of time, or use any other excuses.  It’s me. The more conscious I became about my behavior, the more I saw it was me who was rushing trying to get things down.  Clumsiness for me happens when I do not take my time and do not plan accordingly and execute consciously.  So, I am vowing to slow down a bit more. I need to slow down, because as I have written in previous blogs, I want to live a long, happy, healthy, prosperous life.  I cannot live the life that  I want if I am putting my body in a stressful state trying to get things done.

  1. I want least 6.5 -7 hours of rest most nights of the week.  I need to be in bed my 930pm.  My biological clock is in tune with sunrise and sunset.  As night falls, my body starts shutting down.
  2. I need to stick to my plans and continue to trust my intuition.  I have made daily schedules and meal plans, but I do not use them consistently.  I need to be and feel organized.  When I am organized, I typically have a better day, and I don’t feel so drained trying to do everything.  My mother and brothers may say that I am a little bit OCD about cleaning up.  I may go a little bit overboard with the saying “take care of what you have, and you will be blessed with more.”
  3. I will no longer check my work emails after work .  We should have boundaries when it comes to work and personal life.  I have heard too many stories of people experiencing medical issues because they lack balance in their lives and do not take care of themselves like they should.
  4. l will incorporate more activities that I like to do in my life.  If I do not consistently do what I want to do …the things that make me happy, when will I?

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I am passionate about living a life that is aligned with God, the Divine Consciousness. I choose a to live a quality life with balanced and sustained health in all dimensions, and I am determined to do my part in helping generations now and to come. Our experiences are here to help us achieve our best self. Sustainable optimal health and living starts from the inside, and our behaviors can encourage, empower, and inspire others to do the same. Make this lifetime great! Timika

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